Higher Education

I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to serve as an instructor of record throughout my PhD. Below are descriptions of the courses that I have taught as both instructor and teaching assistant. 

Contemporary Environmental Issues (ESCI 4190 - IOR)

This is an upper-level elective course designed to evaluate the multiple perspectives relevant to current environmental issues. I taught this course as IOR during the spring of 2023 and plan to teach it again during the fall of 2023. 

Course description: 

Society is faced with a multitude of environmental challenges, ranging from how to utilize natural resources to minimizing the effects of pollution. People engage in making decisions about the environment each day. Sometimes individuals make choices about personal behavior, such as eating only food that has not been genetically modified or bicycling to commute. Others may be involved in environmental occupations. All can benefit from becoming more knowledgeable about people’s role as part of the environment and our impacts on it. The purpose of this class is to interrogate current environmental issues to consider solutions. Unfortunately, solutions to environmental problems are not always clear cut, and so this course focuses on the controversies, debates, and clashing views regarding a variety of contemporary environmental issues.

Introduction to Physical Geography (ESCI 1101 - IOR)

I taught Introduction to Physical Geography as IOR during the summer of 2022 and plan to teach this course again during the summer of 2023. This is an introductory lecture course designed to teach students the basics of physical geography. 

Course description: 

Welcome to Introduction to Physical Geography! This course introduces you to the Earth, providing an in-depth exploration of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere. This course introduces many aspects of the environment including earth-sun relationships, earth radiation, atmospheric temperature and pressure, soil, climate systems, and biomes, among many other topics. Basic physical principles and processes that are important for understanding the world will be discussed. As we work through this course, we will discuss real world examples and consider how we can see these processes at work in the environments around us.

In addition to serving instructor of record for the two course above, I have also served as a teaching assistant for the courses listed below.